veewee and friends

While writing a CentOS 7 template for veewee:

david@zion:~/Projects/veewee$ time rbenv exec bundle exec veewee vbox build 'test' --workdir=/home/david/Projects/veewee

It’s fun how rubyists deny the need for (system) package management while requiring two layers of sandboxes to execute a command without trashing the rest of the system.

The install itself went surprisingly smooth: using the current CentOS 6.5 template, only the URLs and ISOs had to be changed. The final result is currently pending an upstream merge. Update: merged.

The next step is pulling that template over to Puppet Lab’s puppet-vagrant-boxes to make the image publically available to those in need.

puppet language evolution

While the vagrant boxes were test-building, I’ve also chipped in on the Resource Defaults thread with a rather lengthy post on actually implementing a safe evaluator and making the puppet4 language radically flexible.