Monitor modding

Something that always bugged me about my trusty Acer AL2423W monitor, was it’s short stem and wide front legs. The shortness caused the monitor to be very low compared to my head, suggesting a crouching position, while the front legs always interfered with the keyboard. Today I was pondering the possibilities to mount this instead on some kind of monitor arm to attach to the desk. Those are quite expensive. Thinking about those, I was reminded that all those monitors are mounted on standardised 100mm VESA mounts. Last week a blackout fried one of my Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWs. Sad. But it has a nice little round footplate and an extensible (and swiveling) mount. So I mounted the working Acer Monitor onto the better Samsung stand and now have a properly mounted monitor that’s not annoying anymore. I can even tuck the old stand away into storage, should the need arise for some more modding. Mission accomplished!

old mount new mount