Here’s a collection of quotes and quips from the deveopsdays in Gent. I’ve got more material, but need to ingest more of it to get it to a coherent form.

Obviously, some of this might be old news to some of you, but actually those were my first devopsdays, so bear with me. Of course, any errors from my note taking and transcribing are my own.

If it hurts, it is not ITIL. – AXELOS (the official ITIL corp.) guy

Optimize for change. – @jeffsussna

Success is listening to feedback.

People focus too much only on result, not on the way to get there. – @bridgetkromhout

DevOps means giving a shit about your job enough to want to want to learn all the parts and not only your little world. – John Vincent

Why is that not a pipe?

Try to fill it with tobacco! – René Magritte

Line charts, the PHP Hammer of graphing. – @auxesis

I’ll not repeat what he said about pie charts. Except that they literally induce errors in the reader.

We’ve got people smarter than me, to explain what we do. – a CEO of a sponsor.

[…] people who are still smoking […]

Talking to finance to increase RAM on a server is an organizational smell. – noted during the Success Metrics for operational Models breakout

SLAs have identified and enshrined a inefficiency. – same breakout

Ops get fired for changing the systems, Devs get fired for not changing the system. – on the need of devops

Design for failure. – @bltroutwine

“What are your doing to get more women to the conference?” [There were, perhaps, five women in Gent]

“I recently saw a presentation [on women participating in tech]” – someone not listening

Unicorns are horses with better PR.