Since coming back from vacation, my mondays were quite unstructured, as customer’s mondays seem to be mainly occupied by working up whatever the weekend whashed up. To get a better handle on these days, I’ve recently installed the ClearFocus app to do a bit of timeboxing. The goal is to have a bit more of a structure when working alone and do not burn through the day in a single go.

Here’s a list of (public) pomodori I did today.

1. rails admin area

According to the designs, the hrdb app has a separate administrative area under /admin to keep those tasks separated from the common workflows. I’ve started by moving all routes to the PeopleController into the :admin scope and adding a admin#index route to a separate AdminController. In the application layout I added a simple menu_item to the admin area as a placeholder.

Thanks to rails’ routing intelligence, the original “People” link still works just fine, but now points to the new path.

I’ve used the second half of the pomodoro to investigate authorization solutions. As the application will require multiple roles with different authorization levels, I think declarative_authorization will be a good match.

Note: I’ve not started a new pomodoro for writing this up, but spend quite a while typing everything up and adding all the links. Need to be more careful with that.

2. Ansible and Salt

Motivated by Florian Haas I’ve looked into Ansible and Salt Stack. After spending most of the day reading the docs, I’ve archieved a certain grasp of the workflow and functionality of both systems. I’ve put some notes on a separate page to make it available on Planet Puppet without the rails and personal stuff from here.