At the Puppet Contributor Summit 2015 Gent I rediscovered @garethr’s wonderful puppet-module-skeleton. It plugs into the puppet module face and enables you to use puppet module generate myname-modulename and get a working sekelton with all testing goodies enabled.

Sadly there were some bring-up issues, which he now started to adress, adding a travis job to keep it that way. More help is always welcome to improve this resource.

Advanced usage

Gareth’s tool is great to create a new module. For working with existing modules, modulesync is the way to go. This tool can be configured with a set of templates and data to keep all the tedious meta-bits in a set of a big number of modules aligned.

To cover all bases, modulesync needed a small modification. Now I’m porting over Gareth’s skeleton into a modulesync config, so I can apply this to all my modules.

I’m making good progress and will update you as soon as I’ve got something proper to show.